Author: Gebel, R.
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TUP019 Recent Extensions of JULIC for HBS Investigations 195
  • O. Felden, N. Demary, N.-O. Fröhlich, R. Gebel, Y. Valdau
    FZJ, Jülich, Germany
  • M. Rimmler
    JCNS, Jülich, Germany
  At the Forschungszentrum Jülich (FZJ) the energy variable cyclotron JULIC is used as injector of the Cooler Synchrotron (COSY) and for low to medium current irradiations of different types. Recently a new target station was set up and is mainly used for tests of new target materials, neutron target development and neutron yield investigations with high power proton or deuteron beam in perspective of a high brilliance accelerator based neutron source (HBS) with the Jülich Center for Neutron Science. The neutrons are produced exposing material targets or compounds to proton or deuterium particles of relative low final particle energy in the MeV range and will be optimized for neutron scattering to be realized at reasonable costs. Beside this, ToF-experiments are performed to investigate and optimize the pulsing structure for HBS. The target station is installed inside an experimental area offering space for complex detector and component setups for nuclear and neutron related experiments. But it is used for other purposes like electronic or detector tests and irradiation as well. This report briefly summarizes the history of JULIC and the activities for its future perspectives.  
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