Author: Jivkov, P.
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GFS-2 - The New Gas-filled Separator for Super-Heavy Elements in JINR. A Guided Walk through the Genesis of the Project from First Thoughts to Completion  
  • W. Beeckman, S. Antoine, F. Forest, P.J. Jehanno, P. Jivkov, M.J. Leray, X. Milpied, C. Nignol, O. Tasset-Maye
    SIGMAPHI S.A., Vannes, France
  • A.G. Popeko, V.K. Utyonkov
    JINR/FLNR, Moscow region, Russia
  The brand-new Superheavy Element Factory at the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions (FLNR) in JINR, Dubna, is under completion, with the high-current DC-280 cyclotron fully installed and tested having Argon beams available for first tests. To improve the efficiency of studies on heavy and superheavy nuclei, it will deliver a wide range of species with high intensity, which in turn require effective separators providing high suppression of unwanted reaction products. The first experiment fed by the cyclotron, GFS-2, is a universal gas-filled separator for synthesis and study of the properties of heavy isotopes, based on the QvDhQvQhD scheme. The presentation describes its study and design in close collaboration between FLNR and Sigmaphi, starting from the initial demand in 2015 and going through the different steps, up to its construction in 2017 and installation in 2018. A second system, GFS-3 is ready to be installed by the end of 2019.  
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