Author: Nagayama, K.
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Design for Upgrading the RCNP AVF Cyclotron  
  • M. Fukuda, S. Hara, T. Hara, K. Hatanaka, K. Kamakura, H. Kanda, H.W. Koay, S. Morinobu, Y. Morita, K. Nagayama, M. Nakao, K. Omoto, T. Saito, K. Takeda, H. Tamura, D. Tomono, Y. Yasuda, T. Yorita
    RCNP, Osaka, Japan
  The upgrade program of the RCNP K140 AVF cyclotron was started in 2019 to provide a high-quality intense beam for nuclear physics experiments and ion beam applications such as RI production and soft-error rate testing of semiconductor devices. The beam quality and intensity will be improved by increasing an extraction voltage of ion sources from 15 to 50 kV. The axial beam injection system will be modified to meet the condition of the increased injection energy. A single Dee electrode with a span angle of 180 degrees will be replaced by two 87 degree Dee electrodes. A new RF resonator was designed to cover a frequency range from 18 to 36 MHz to accelerate staple particles using acceleration harmonic mode of h=2 which maximizes the energy gain and turn separation by the double Dee system. A sub-harmonic bunching system will be applied to an injected beam to match the particle revolution frequency with that of the K400 ring cyclotron. Two gradient correctors will be placed in the extraction region to implement double-focusing for matching the extracted beam to the MEBT system. In this paper, the detailed design of the upgraded AVF cyclotron will be discussed.  
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