Author: Holz auf der Heide, J.
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TUP020 Beam Properties at the Experimental Target Station of the Proton Therapy in Berlin 199
  • J. Bundesmann, A. Denker, J. Holz auf der Heide
    HZB, Berlin, Germany
  Beside the Therapy station for ocular tumors we have an experimental area to deliver protons and other ions. At this place there is also the possibility to do High Energy Pixe measurements on samples from cultural heritage. The positioning of the samples under test is possible by means of an xy-table with an range of 500x500 mm2 and a load of at least 50 kg, reproducibility ±0.1 mm. We can change the beam size between 1 mm diameter as focused beam and up to 50 mm diameter with different scattering foils and homogeneous dose spread. We can deliver beam intensities from single protons up to 1012 protons/cm2 * sec The energy can be set to 68 MeV with a single Bragg peak, spread out Bragg peaks with a mechanical range shifter or absorber plates to reduce the energy. The timing properties range from quasi DC to a single pulse width of 1 ns with a repetition rate up to 2.4 MHz. Instead of a scattering foil to increase the beam spots we also can use beam scanning with the focused beam to reduce the beam losses. We will show the different beam properties at the experimental target area for radiation hardness testing of solar cells, optical elements and electronics under test.  
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